AksharaManaMalai – In 10 Language(Eng,Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu,Kannada, Gujarathi,Punjabi,Bengali,Oriya,Hindi)Read in both Day and Night Modes. Aksharamanamalai. (By Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi). English · Meaning · Hindi (हिन्दी) · Tamil (தமிழ்) · Malayalam (മലയാളം) · Telugu (తెలుగు). THIS IS MURUGANAR’S DETAILED and highly literary commentary on Aksharamanamalai, the verse poem that Sri Ramana Maharshi composed around.

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Disclose thy beauty then and hold her bound, Oh Arunachala! Unite with me aksharamanamalai destroy our seperate identities as Thou and me, and bless me aksharamanamalai aksharamaanmalai state of ever vibrant joy, Oh Arunachala! The moment Thou didst welcome me, didst enter into me and grant me Aksharamanamalai divine life, I lost aksharamanamalai individuality, Oh Arunachala!

Show me the warfare of Thy grace in the open field where there is no coming aksharamanamalai going, Oh Arunachala!

aksharamanamalai O Moon of Grace, with Thy cool rays aksharamanamalai hands, open within me the ambrosial orifice and let aksharamanamalai heart rejoice, Oh Arunachala!

Aid me, Oh Arunachala! How is it that Thou hast become famous from Thy constant union with aksharamanamalai poor and humble, Oh Arunachala? I was caught in the trap of Thy grace! Be not m like a mirror held up to a noseless man, but raise me from my lowness and embrace me, Oh Arunachala! Thou hast cut the know aksharamanamalai hid the vision aksharamanamalai Thy head and foot the limitless Self.

Unasked Thou givest; this is thy imperishable fame.

Why didst thou then recall Thyself to aksharamanamaalai Blessed be His devotees! Thou didst sally forth and the siege of illusion aksharamanamalai ended. Let the aksharamanamalai of joy surge, speech and feeling cease, Oh Arunachala! What didst thou gain then by my worthless self, Oh Arunachala?

Sri Ramana Maharshi Aksharamanamalai

Do thou dispel illusion, Oh Arunachala! Let us enjoy one another in the house of open space, where there is neither night nor day, Oh Arunachala! Watching like a spider akshatamanamalai trap me in the web of Thy grace, Thou aksharamanamalai entwine me and when imprisoned feed upon aksharamanamalai, Oh Arunachala! If spurned by Thee, alas! What hope is left for me, Aksharamanamalai Arunachala? I have come in. Familiar to Thine ears are The sweet songs of aksharamanamalai who melt to the very bones with love for Thee, yet let my poor strains also be acceptable, Oh Arunachala!

One art Thou without a second; who then could aksharamanamalai elude Thee and come aksharamanamalai From my home Thou didst entice me, then stealing into my heart aksharamanamalai draw me gently into Thine, such is Thy grace, Oh Arunachala! Thou hast administered the medicine of aksharamanamalai to me, so aksharamananalai I be confounded! Significance of OM unrivalled – unsurpassed!

Do not continue to deceive and prove me; disclose instead Thy transcendental self, Oh Arunachala! Thyself regard me and dispel illusion!

Hard is Thy lot, Oh Arunachala! Say to me ‘Fear not! aksharamanamalai

Unattached to the physical frame composed of the five Elements, let me aksharamanamalai repose happy in the sight of Thy splendour, Oh Arunachala! Didst Thou not call me aksharamanamalai Do not belie Thy aksharamanamalai, Oh Arunachala! Who can comprehend Thee, Oh Arunachala?

Who but Thyself can find out Thee, Oh Arunachala? Aksharamanamalai mercy on me, Arunachala! Aksharamanamalai me Thy grace ere the aksharamanamalai of delusion grips me and, rising to my head, kills me, Oh Arunachala! Grant me the essence of the Vedas, which shine in the Vedantasone without a second, Oh Arunachala!

Blessed aksharamanamalai akharamanamalai Marital Garland of Letters! I had but thought of Thee as Aruna, and lo! Make me partaker aksharamanamalai Thy grace!

Dazzling Sun that swallowest up all the universe in Thy rays, with Thy light open the lotus of my heart I aksharamanamalai, Oh Arunachala!

Aksharamanamalai ( Verses on Lord Shiva – With Lyrics and Meaning) on Vimeo

What aksharamanamalai left incomplete in previous aksharamanamalai have won me Thy special favour, Oh Arunachala? This is only Thy jugglery, Oh Arunachala! The aksharamanaalai of the eye art Thou, and without eyes Thou seest, Oh Aksharamanamalai Beyond speech indeed is Thy prowess resting in the self.