RP LLL-BB 3 L ERRATA October 1, to. API RP 11L RECOMMENDED PRACTICE for. DESIGN CALCULATIONS for. SUCKER ROD. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 11L at Engineering 1 Jun API RP 11L. June Design Calculations for Sucker Rod Pumping Systems ( Conventional Units). Historical Version.

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NaturalFrequency of Straight Rod String, strokes per minute.

Er represents the inches of elongation caused by the application of a load Of One pound to a rod One foot in length. Consequently,theformulasderivedfromthese viewpoints a t best represent average conditions yield occurring in pumpingsystemsandmaynot validpredictions of systemperformance,especially in deep wells and a t high pumping speeds. Api rp 11l reality, the mass of the sucker rod is distributed along its length, and this factmust be incorporatedinto any realistic mathematicalmodel of the rod.

Rod and pump size combinations as listed api rp 11l Table 1 of RP 11L were used, except for the elimination of rods 88 and Advanced search Show search help.

If the apu displacement calknown or anticiculated api rp 11l step 14 fails to satisfy patedrequirements,appropriateadjustmentsmust be made in the assumed data and steps 1 through 14 repeated. Some of thelater techni uesforpredicting rod performance have used an alequate representation of thesucker rod.

In a group of users and manufacturers of sucker rod pumping equipment undertook a study in depth of the many complex problems associated with this means of lifting fluid from a well.

Very viscous fluid, c. When the calculated pump displacement is acceptable,proceedwiththedesigncalculationsby performing steps 15, 16, and To handle composite rod strings properly, using the correct values of,and on Lines 1 through 3 of Api rp 11l Form 11L-1 is necessary. Well flawing-off, I 2. However, use of thewaveequation introducesanewmathematicaldifficulty,inthat are inherentlymore partialdifferentialequations difficultto solve. Design of Pumping stations Pr Stations. However,sincethismethod is basedonthebest coninterpretations of averagevalues,theactual ditionsfoundinindividualcasesmaynotalways yield api rp 11l predictions of pumping system performance.

These charts may be used for any arrangement of rodsizes for some of the A. All API stroke lengths are covered.

API RP 11L – Design calculation for sucker rod pumping system – Free Download PDF Ebook

It is now necessary to compare these calculated loads with limitations imposed by thepreliminary selection. However, the Institute makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee in connection with the publication of any Recommended Practice and hereby expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for loss or damage resulting fromits use, for any violation of any federal, state or municipal regulation with which an API recommendation may conflict, or for the infringement of any patent resulting from the use of this publication, 1.

The formulation and publication api rp 11l API Recommended Practices is api rp 11l intended to, in any way, inhibit anyone from using any other practices.

The calculated pump displacement and loads are compared with the volumes, load ratings, stresof thepreliminary ses,andotherlimitations selection. For api rp 11l rod strings,it is evaluated by the relation: Many of thecurrentmethodshavebeen developed on the basis that the mass of the sucker rod is concentrated at a point.

A Method for Designing Fiberglass Sucker-Rod Strings With API RP 11L – OnePetro

api rp 11l However,because of the many known cases in which tubing is unanchored, a formulaisincludedwhich,experienceindicates, will giveavery close approximation of relative plunger travel with respect to the pump. Theundamped to naturalfrequency is showninvibrationtheory be inverselyproportional to thetimerequiredfor a force wave to make four traversals along the sucker rod.

FSis a force which will give horsepower when applied tothefullstroke length at the speed of the api rp 11l unit. Schropp by plotting the of Phillips Petroleum Company families of curves shown in Fig. Three forces of particular importance are determined from thecharts. This general definition putsthe pseudosonic velocity ratio into the equation. The developis mathematically ment of representativeformulas complicatedbecause of thedifficulty of expressing boundary conditions which suitably reflect the openingandclosing of thevalves of thepumpwhen these are themselves a function of the motion of the system api rp 11l the fluid-flow conditions in the pump.

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For aquick comparison of 11p alternatives and for a general optimizing designalgorithm, RP 11L does an adequate job for both steel and composite rodstrings.

Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. Log in to your subscription Username. When the calculated pump displacement is acceptable, proceed with the Design Calculation.

The api rp 11l nature of tapered rods changes two variables used to calculatethe natural frequency of the rod system: Api rp 11l developed a series of curves for selectingbeampumpingunits fordepths of f t to f t andvariousrates of production and and combinations of api rp 11l sizes, pump sizes, speeds. Inadequate treatment of the downholepump action.

Sucker Rod Pump pump. If the tubing is unanchored, then a correction must be made for the shortening of pump stroke whichwilloccur.

Portions of this publication have been changed from the previous edition. Discussion of Nondimensional Parameters