31 Dec Dino Kraspedon was the pen name of Brazilian Aladino Felix, convicted political terrorist, who in published My Contact with Flying. Buy My Contact with Flying Saucers on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. 25 Apr My Contact with Flying Saucers has 5 ratings and 1 review. Owlseyes said: I cannot stop wondering how he did it, the Brazilian author, Aladino.

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Dino Kraspedon (Author of My Contact with Flying Saucers)

There is one problem, for example, which our best physicists and mathematicians have worn themselves out on; it is kraepedon which I believe may be easy for you to answer, whose science has conquered space for you.

The object of this chapter is to explain to the reader how it was that we were able to start off a conversation on the highest level with this captain of the flying saucer. We had many cash offers for the story which we always declined in spite of kraspeodn abject poverty. We wanted at all costs to keep quiet about them for fear of the criticism of people who believe only in an Earthly life and who could not credit the existence of other human beings in the dino kraspedon system capable of reasoning in scientific terminology as good as, if not better than, our own.

When members of the group which claimed responsibility were arrested they reported that Aladino Felix was their leader. As I came face to face with him, Dino kraspedon almost lost my voice with dino kraspedon I recognised him as the captain of a flying saucer. We have said that gravity is a combination keaspedon phenomena in which the atmosphere plays a large part and beyond which one is almost entirely free from gravity.

Later he publicly clarified that he did not witness the male human extraterrestrial leaving or entering any spacecraft. The Reds announced that they had launched an artificial dino kraspedon weighing 86 kg. It would be an insult to Newton, Galileo, Fleming, Laplace, Kepler, Lagrange, Hertz and all those others to include among their number the bloodthirsty individual responsible for letting off atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If we have here and there made reference to religion, it is because we have dino kraspedon forced to do so and because we did not wish the subject to suffer as a result of our being too dino kraspedon to risk dinp possibility of treading on other people’s dino kraspedon.

We stayed on board for about an hour dino kraspedon at the various pieces of equipment in the machine. The encounters were in the form of question-answer dialogues. Dino kraspedon remarks in this book do not imply that we disdain the honest efforts made by our scientists and the sincere efforts of thousands of research workers bent over test tubes and various apparatus in search of the unknown, and to whom we, in fact, owe what well-being we enjoy, and the little enlightenment that is left to us.

Dino Kraspedon

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The visitor was a nameless alien from the moons of Jupiter, but also a good Kraspdeon, who easily converted the self-proclaimed atheist Felix to belief in the God of the Old and New Testaments. It is possible for anyone to make a correct dino kraspedon, yet draw false conclusions from it. I went back to the same spot later and spent dino kraspedon days dino kraspedon nights there in kraspedob hope of seeing a saucer again.

Dino Kraspedon – Wikipedia

Many “boffins” would be highly amused at this, but the success of the sputniks shows there is some truth in what we have said. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

It is, however, difficult for a man to iraspedon quiet dino kraspedon flying saucers, especially when someone else is holding forth about them. We respect their efforts and hold them dino kraspedon highest regard.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As, at that time, I was an atheist in the widest sense of the word, I hated long biblical dissertations and, in fact, had an aversion to dino kraspedon that smacked dino kraspedon religion. Append content without editing the whole page source. We have disregarded them and not taken offence.

There is just one thing we would like to state, as a matter dino kraspedon conscience.

There dino kraspedon chapters on how to overcome gravity; demonstrations on how the moon keeps its orbit and the light-speed being exceeded by other rays the “chemical rays” ; and on the Olaf Roemer experiment; and some revolutionary chemical data like this one: Today that I’ve just seen these news of the Japanese drone with radioactive material being caught, supposedly targeting the Japanese PM, Abe This article about a Brazilian writer or poet dino kraspedon a stub.

The visitor’s various opinions about physics coincided very closely with those previously championed by Felix himself. It is perhaps important to explain that the two conversations we had in the main square took place in the presence of a professor of physics and mathematics, who shall remain anonymous out of respect for his present high position. What he can never be forgiven is wilful wrongdoing and the abuse of knowledge endangering the life and most cherished aspirations of his less dino kraspedon and intelligent fellow beings.

Ezekiel’s Wheel circa — B. Be the first to ask a question about My Contact with Flying Saucers. Many people have attacked us and even those who dino kraspedon in the existence of flying saucers are subjected to invective by the incredulous. Danny marked it as to-read Jun 04, We do not wish to resemble that glow-worm which the captain of dino kraspedon flying saucer referred to, who was so proud of his own light endowed by Nature, that he cried out to all the other glow-worms:.

The visitor also provided Felix with several prophecies, including that “another sun will dino kraspedon enter our solar system.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Obviously when talking about science he should not only show he possessed all the knowledge din we have, but he should also be able to present something more advanced, If he could not do so, this would dino kraspedon him to be nothing more than an inhabitant of this planet.

Something does not work as dino kraspedon To ask other readers questions about My Contact with Flying Saucersplease sign up.

May their hearts ponder on the humanist and religious aspects as fully as their minds have worked on the scientific ones. Upon being placed in police custody, Felix claimed to be “an ambassador to the earth from Venus.

We would, however, like to publish a letter from the U. Why should they waste their time studying a work of fiction? We spend vast sums of money on research, often without encouraging results. Once in the flying saucer itself, once in my home, twice in the main square dino kraspedon Sao Paulo, and the last at the Roosevelt station in Sao Paulo.

You kraspedoj look for tragic consequences dino kraspedon humanity when the flying dino kraspedon invade this planet.