19 Oct The last time I hiked the Kalalau Trail, I took my GPS to record the trail and make a map of it. If you have Google Earth installed, click this link to. Kalalau Trail, Kauai Picture: Kalalau Trail Map – specifically Hanakapi’ai Valley – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and videos of Kalalau. 4 May One of the best hikes on Kauai, the Kalalau Trail is an mile trek located on the famous NaPali Coast on the Kalalau Trail Elevation Map.

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The muddiest section was found on the first 2 miles. Breathing through your mouth loses more moisture and can contribute to dehydration. Many rare native plants grow on inaccessible cliffs. I have done hiking in the past but not kalalau trail map overnight stays.

A variety of native lowland forest plants and birds can be seen in this area. These terraces in these valleys were used to cultivate the taro plant, a staple in the Kalalau trail map diet similar to that of the potato. See you on the trail! The trail is very dangerous. Make the most of your precious vacation time by being comfortable, safe, dry, and ready for anything that comes your way.

Check this box to confirm you are human. Terms of Use The use of this website is kalalau trail map expressly conditioned acceptance of the terms, conditions, and disclaimers found within our Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability page without any modifications. Wish we had brought backpacking gear to do the whole thing! Some of the guys have kalalau trail map the trail 50 or more times, and they know the trail and the valley better than their own neighborhoods!

Long legs are a bonus here, as well as excellent grip on your hiking boots.

If you have Google Earth installed, click this link to download the trail data you see here. Unfortunately, most kalalau trail map whose Kalalau experiences I tried to learn from were very different from me in relevant ways. For the bold day hiker, you can continue to Hanakoa Falls and still make it back in trakl same day; however, it is a very long day.

Trail Information

You can continue up to a waterfall an additional 1. So smart phones are great as GPSes for day-hikes, but not for overnight backpacking—unless you have some sort of solar recharger but I looked into those too and never found kalalau trail map good one.

If you want to cross without getting your feet wet, you can sometimes skip kalqlau the rocks if you head inland a few meters; however, it is far kalalau trail map to get your kalalau trail map wet or take them off and put them back on the other side than it is to potentially slip on a rock and fall. But the most impressive part narrowest above steepest slope is on solid rock with excellent klaalau, so unless you suffer from actual vertigo real fear of heightsit is doable.

This trail is highly trafficked much of the time. Can I kalalau trail map put on a waiting list? After my experience Kalalau trail map started this site to help others with their Kalalau Trail research. They usually ask questions like: I often get emails from people around the world telling me that they planned a trip to Hawaii to hike the Kalalau Trail and they just found out that there are no permits available.

Take a Lifestraw with you to save dragging kalalau trail map with you. I know that can change but just do what the signs say. Unclear why AllTrails lists it as 9 miles each way – definitely marked as 11 and certainly felt like My friend kalalau trail map I are considering to take the hike mid-May this year.

There are places right before and a mile after where the trail is on an eroded dirt slope, which is actually more dangerous.

Started out rather easy, however,trail became a bit tough as we hiked towards the falls. Unparalleled views, glorious flora and fauna, and unforgettable adventures await you.

kalalau trail map Kee Beach to Hanakapiaai Beach: Also, plan for rain even if not explicitly forecasted. On cooler day, would have been much better. But further towards the end of the road and on the Kalalau trail, there is no cell phone service.

Also if you have a place where you typically find te sweetwater drops that kalalau trail map be great!

Kalalau Trail Map | A Kauai Blog

Also, I just noticed that there are newer, clearer satellite images in Google Earth for parts kalalau trail map Kauai, including Kalalau valley. It focuses on the first two miles of the hike to Hanakapiai Stream, which is the length the majority of hikers make.

I wrote a review on my blog kalalau trail map psoted some photos of our hike too – http: Here is a full trip report I wrote with pictures and logistical info: Those two could use a good meal. Total elevation gain to the falls from Hanakapiai beach is ft.

This is a beautiful trail not for kalalau trail map casual stroller. Most people are day hikers that don’t ever make it all the way out to Kalalau. The river crossings were not a big deal kalalau trail map. The authorized camping areas along the trail do not have tables or drinking water.

Crossing the river in waist-high water requires skill and extreme care. Near the Hanakoa Stream crossing, a rest area and facilities including a composting toilet and two roofed shelters.

I imagine it has kept many would-be hikers away over the years. We recommend these Kalalau Trail tour professionals. I do have the original file that I created from the GPS points.

Crawlers ledge is not a big deal.