Buy Magnetic Current on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. description you will read about magnetic current, it will be just as good for Magrietie Current by Edward Leedskalnin, Homont-Head, Florida, USA. Edward Leedskalnin: Magnetic Current. August 11, Shamanic Engineering Leave a comment · Magnetic Current by Ed Leedskalnin (PDF).

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Does the capacitor play any part? So what did this experiment really prove? In this way you will get almost again as much magnet out of the coil and in the core and tube. That will show, to make magnetic currents, curfent time is important. Now we have those little North and South Pole individual magnets in the wire, but they are not running in the way we want. I have found the same clues of this lost science in all the main cultures around the globe, on every continent.

Get a small paper box to. Next I will tell you how magnetic currents are made by permanent and electric magnets, and then without magnetci.

This experiment indicates that the North and South Pole magnet currents we not only running from one terminal to the mxgnetic, but are running around in an orbit and are not only running one time around, but are running many times wound until the North and South Pole individual magnets get thrown out of leedskapnin wire by centrifugal force, and by crowding. This is magnetic current edward leedskalnin great example of ED’s research that once current start the magnetic current edward leedskalnin flowing in this device they will continue to circulate until the the bar is removed.

Coral Castle magnetic current edward leedskalnin Ed Leedskalnin. By using the same whirling motion and running magnetic current edward leedskalnin kind of magnets against the other kind, they throw their own magnets form the wire in opposite directions.

I think the batteries are not made right. It is an effective technique still used today. Edward Leedskalnin bases his unified field theory on detailed observations he made from direct experimentation with magnetism and electricity.

Even our bodieshe proclaims: They pass through the magnetic current edward leedskalnin from pole to pole, and around the earth.

They only show what is called by instruction books, positive electricity, magnetic current edward leedskalnin never show negative electricity. It is so much more then anyone is realizing. Put one wire on top of the copper magnetic current edward leedskalnin pointing North, the other below pointing South, magnetize, hang up by tail end above the copper wire, touch the battery, both magnets will swing North. Put the south pole magnet north side of the loop, this time it will pull the loop in.

As soon as the three-foot magnet begins to move you stop and mark the distance. Following is the result of my two years experiment with magnets at Rock Gate, seventeen miles Southwest from Miami, Florida. More sparks can be seen coming out of the positive terminal than from the negative terminal.

Leedskalnin uses a similar technique leedwkalnin in the experiment below to evaluate magnetic current edward leedskalnin structure of electricity. First magnetic current edward leedskalnin will swing South, then North. First put a wooden box on floor, open side up, cut two notches in middle so you can put a one-eighth of an inch thick and eighteen-inch long copper wire across the box.

It was called cathode and the positive terminal anode, and the electricity that passed from the cathode to the anode was called electrons. He also gives us common sense reasons why the electron is not feasible. Click on the image to view larger version.

The U leedsklnin magnet should be strong enough to lift twenty pounds.

Magnetic Current

I have two Magnetjc shape magnets. Keep the loop end a foot apart, stretch South side wire straight, make it so it cannot move.

Below it is a copper plate. This eward presents the proof and links the methods used to construct it to a scientist’s proof of Egyptian pyramid construction that was rejected several decades ago. From the fishing wire and the welding rod you will make magnets or compasses, and if you hang them up in fine threads by middle and keep them there they will be permanent magnets.

Spin one way and then the other way, then you will have some rough idea how magnets build up the matter. You made the one-inch long magnets with a single wire, but if you had the same size of wire in a coil you now have and would put a bigger steel bar in the coil magnetic current edward leedskalnin you would have a bigger and stronger magnet, but to make a stronger magnet yet, currebt would have to wind more magnetic current edward leedskalnin on top of the coil that you have now.

Now you see those little individual magnets ran out of the U shape magnet and ran in the soft iron core, magnetic current edward leedskalnin the soft iron core never held the magnets, it pushed them out. When they run in the coil they are in bulk form. Watch how softly it lands when pushed to fall.

Each pole South or North is made by lredskalnin own magnets in the way they are running in the wire. Another way is to rub hard rubber until it gets hot, then it will be a temporary magnet. Ed Leedskalnin’s revealed code is a perfect match to the clues left magnetic current edward leedskalnin by so many ancient cultures such as the Golden Section, Golden Ratio, Phi, Flower of Life, Time measurement among magnetic current edward leedskalnin many other titles.

If you had a permanent magnet that the coil you use in the electric magnet would go in between the prongs of it, then that would be good to demonstrate, magnetic current edward leedskalnin if you have not, then use the same one you have. The pattern seems to only be on one side of the rock from what I can see. It will push the loop away. The north pole magnet will pull in the loop. Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, is one of the most amazing structures ever built. The coils are also covered with foil on the outside which is different to ED’s descriptions.

Stay yourself West, put car battery South side of the box magnetic current edward leedskalnin terminal East, negative terminal West, get two flexible leads and four clips to fit the battery and the bare copper wire, connect the East end of the copper wire with positive terminal, clip magnstic West end of the copper wire with the West side flexible lead, leave the connection with negative terminal open.

Mystic Places

After viewing the video below, you can get a better understanding of the principles of repulsion by putting two right magnetic current edward leedskalnin notebook spirals on a wooden rod.

And they are entropy. This also reminded me of Eds flywheel at rock gate.