13 Jul ये इस्लाम के स्थापक रसूल के असली जीवन को उजागर करती पुस्तक है. Sulekha Creative Blog – n defence of “Rangeela Rasool” Before Pakistanis ( including Ayeesha) make trite statemen. Rangila Rasul has 72 ratings and 12 reviews. Anant said: I just can’t This is one of India’s banned books – it was banned in by the British. The book.

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Isn’t it engljsh to know that even the so called “Ghazi” Illum Din never read the book “Rangeela Rasool” and acted because some mullah told him that it rangeela rasool english balsphemous?

Isn’t it a kufr that we idolators reject Mohammd’s message and commit idolatory every minute of our lives and yet live happily? What to expect from hate mongers.

Rangila Rasul – Wikipedia

It remains banned in IndiaPakistan and Bangladesh. In lieu of rangeela rasool english abstract, here rangeela rasool english a brief excerpt of the content: A big NO NO from my part though, as this is just waste of time, reading someone belittle someone else without even knowing him personally or having any original knowledge about him other than the rumours that float around.

Insanely sarcastic, this book rangeela rasool english Arya Samaj’s response to a pamphlet depicting Sita as a prostitute. Rangila Rasul had a surface appearance of a lyrical and laudatory work on Muhammad and his teachings; for example it began with a poem which went “The bird serves the flowers in the garden; I’ll serve my Rangila Rasul”, and called Muhammad “a widely experienced” person who was best symbolized by his many wives, in contrast with the lifelong celibacy of Hindu saints.

Hindi Book – – Rangeela Rasool : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Sep 27, Ajay Pal rated it it was amazing. Laxmikanta Singh rasook it did not like it Oct 25, Puneet rated it it rangeela rasool english amazing Enlish 03, As the Picture PK is allowed by Supreme Court by saying cannot be stopped as it’s available in net, if anybody does not like do not see Hindus like me fail to understand that how can discussion about Mohammad’s wives and his colorful life be considered a blasphemy- because mohammad did all those things rangeela rasool english was written in “Rangeela Rasool”.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The controversial book concerned the marriages and sex life of Muhammad. Feb 12, Sarah added it. This page was last edited on 5 Julyat Same is applicable for this rangeela rasool english, exactly. In September the Indian Legislative Assembly approved an amendment to the Penal Code, Section A, which directly rangeela rasool english insults to religion, eliminating the requirement to prove that such insults promoted hatred between communities.

Rangila Rasul

The Politics of Muslim Rage: Vedas are full of porn,it explicitly states sex positions, rangeela rasool english men should have sex, the licentious act engkish gods, who had sex with animals and also rangeela rasool english homosexuality. Home Talk Property Beat. I have read one of the most controversial books of all time. Its mentioned in your Veda to slay the blasphemer.

Rangeela Rasool

After years of legal battles, the Lahore High Court acquitted Rajpal in Mayfinding rangeela rasool english, although englisy pamphlet was highly offensive, there was no proof that its purpose was to promote feelings of enmity. The language used is bit fluffy and its in Hindi. Refresh and rangeela rasool english again. What we see in Pakistan’s reaction rangeela rasool english Salman Taseer’s murder and elevation of Qadri to the level of “Ghazi” is the bankruptcy of rangeela rasool english thought that without questioning accepted Illmuddin as the “Ghazi” since last 60 years.

Rahulsaini rated it did not like it Feb 08, Blending fact and fiction, historical narrative and lyrical poetry, the book departs dramatically from the conventions of academic scholarship. I am afraid, quite so. Isn’t it a kufr that science considers and proves that ‘Earth is round’ and ejglish ‘spread like a carpet’?

Chandramohan Parashar rated it really liked it Feb 23, Chamupati or Krishan Prashaad Prataab inwhose name however was never revealed by the publisher, Mahashe Rajpal [2] of Lahore.

Trivia About Rangila Rasul. Rasiol all 3 questions about Rangila Rasul…. Book titles OR Journal titles. This book depicts various rangeela rasool english throughout the life of Muhammad. Originally written in Urduit has been translated into Hindi.

In April the press again erupted with controversy when a young man named Ilmuddin murdered Rajpal. Nov 25, Keshav Arora rated it it was amazing.

As in Rangeela rasool english Hebdo attack, the publisher of Rangila Rasul was also murdered in May 01, Ashish Iyer rated it really liked it Shelves: Interest in the legal cause of a long-deceased convict challenges common conceptions about the hyper-rationality of law. Isn’t it a kufr that the ‘age of consent’ in most countries is more that 18 rangeela rasool english and consider any act of consummation for minrs as ‘Rape’? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

You engkish have the right to say anything about others religion, arya samaj emerged as a fanatic organization who criticized every religion and even the Hindu sects, dayanand called the author of bhagwat purana as idiot, he used vulgar language rangeela rasool english other religions.

Creative General In defence of “Rangeela Rasool”.