Vxvm Interview Questions – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. You answered the following question Incorrectly To manage dmp nodes Veritas Volume Manager creates to device paths /dev/vx/dmp and /dev/vx/ rdmp. 24 Nov 1) Can you reduce a FS in VxVM? What is the risk involved? There are a few risks and issues involved while reducing a Filesystem in VxVM.

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Which of the following command will recover and start the volume? Disk group cannot be deported unless they are CDS diskgroup.

Veritas volume Manager interview questions

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Which of the following is true for off host processing? Inherview Choice Which of the following statements are true? To upgrade to a specified version no.

To remove a disk, disk90, from a disk group, homedg, in Veritas Volume Manager: When disk is initialized and brought under vxvm control existing data is preserved. This site uses cookies. Metastat -p shows qusetions metavolume needs replacement. The default Read Policy for Volume Manager is The disk is formatted as a sliced disk.

A nopriv, disk’s type does not have private regions. The private region of a vxvm disk stores disk header label and configuration information about vxvm objects such as volumes,plexes and sub disks. As a normal startup. Multiple Response If VxVM cannot access to private region of a disk, which of the following will happen to the volumes associated with veritas volume manager interview questions and answers disk? Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

In qoss, which one of the following program creates a list of the files to be moved to a different file system? Multiple Choice Which one of the following is the default name for a plex? Syslogd going down on signal How to quickly mirror a volume, if the volume is empty? Name the mandatory disk group in VxVM 3. Sunday, 18 August Veritas Volume Manager.

Multiple Option You want to initialize only one disk with sliced option. Multiple Option Which of the following command veritas volume manager interview questions and answers unencapsulate the rootdisk?

How to quickly mirror a volume, if the volume is empty? Hi all, i need to run explorer from my sever sunfire and save the out-put on my laptop.

A volume set is a set of volumes grouped together to work as a filesystem.

My journey with NetApp: VXVM interview questions

To add or bring a disk under Veritas Volume Manager control: What is the need to install paches. This is the default format for disks that are not used to boot the system. Which cluster is better VCS or Sun cluster?

Multiple Option Which of vokume following command will force a newly added disk to take the name of the failed disk? Performance is improved on the production volumes. Identify the correct sequence.

Which of the following occurs when the administrator issued vxmend off command on a plex? Multiple Response Which of the following command can be used to display the maximum of number of devices allowed in a CDS disk group?

Which of the following confirms a permanent disk failure?